Year 12 Sixth Form students had the opportunity to access the Oxford and Cambridge Virtual Student Conference to consider options for study beyond Sixth Form. The event was on demand from 15-26 March with live sessions from 23-25 March 2021.

The conferences offered information and interactions such as; webinars on applying to Oxford and Cambridge, including Student Experiences, opportunities to chat live with course academics and current undergraduate students, videos of current local undergraduate students talking about their experiences of applying and settling into life at both Universities and their course of study.

This gave students the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into what living and studying at Oxford and Cambridge is like and an understanding of how both universities assess applications.

Sixth Form student Charlotte Neal (Year 12) said: “The part that I found to be most useful was the information about the application process when applying to university. This has given me great insight into life at university, what’s on offer and university courses.”