Our Year 12 mock exams will take place between Monday 19 April – Monday 26 April and will be a key assessment in judging students’ progression on their courses and likely UCAS predicted grades.

Like all mock exams, each subject area will have their own emphasis; some will be straight and unseen papers; others will be partial and perhaps include writing frames; and some will include revision support materials, pre-exam guidance or sampled questions. The purpose of these mock exams is not just to get a result, it is also the learning they bring for the real thing.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday 19 April:

AM – History – 2hrs 30mins

AM – Further Maths – 1hr 40mins

PM – BTEC Applied Science (Biology & Chemistry) – 1hr 20mins

PM – Biology – 1hr 30mins


Tuesday 20 April:

AM – Sociology – 2hrs

AM – Physics – 1hr 30mins

PM – Maths – 2hrs


Wednesday 21 April:

AM – Music – 2hrs 30mins

AM – Chemistry – 1hr 30mins

AM – English Literature – 1hr

PM – Physics – 1hr 30mins

PM – Psychology – 1hr 30mins


Thursday 22 April:

AM – History – 2hrs 30mins

AM – Geography – 2hrs 30mins

AM – Further Maths – 1hr 40mins

PM – Biology – 1hr 30mins

PM – Religious Studies – 2hrs

PM – BTEC Applies Science (Physics) – 40mins


Friday 23 April:

AM – English Literature – 1hr

AM – BTEC Enterprise – 2hrs

AM – Chemistry – 1hr 30mins

AM – English Language & Literature – 3hrs

PM – Maths – 1hr 30mins

PM – BTEC IT – 2hrs


Monday 26 April:

AM – Psychology – 1hr 30mins


All students can get further guidance on their mock exams from their subject teachers. There are six students who have a clash and alternative arrangements will be put in place on an individual basis.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said; “These mock exams are very important for gauging progress and identifying learning gaps that we can work on moving forward. Equally, they play a major role in shaping predicted grades for universities and apprenticeships. We know our students understand that they are a great opportunity to gain some crucial momentum to take them through to Summer 2022 exams.”