We haven encouraging our students to reflect on their lockdown experience as part of coming to terms with what has been and looking ahead to the future.  

The lockdown experience has been a very different one for different families and we wanted our students to open up on their feelings in order to contextualise what was and to look to what can be.

One of a range of activities has seen students producing postcard snapshots of their thoughts and memories of lockdown and we are sharing them to show how though we all lived in isolation our experiences were not as solitary as we might initially think.

A range of the postcards can be seen here:

  1. Beach Dreams
  2. A Sense of Loss
  3. Wordle of Like
  4. Things I Did
  5. Family & NHS
  6. 2020 Snapshots
  7. NHS Heroes
  8. TV… TV… TV…

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We can all empathise with the views expressed through the postcards and recognise that the lockdown experience has brought many shared memories. We recognise that our educational recovery also includes support for mental health and well-being and opening up on how our lives have been in lockdown is all part of that. Our school support is always about the whole, rather than just the academic, and this focus will naturally be retained as we move forwards.”