Our COVID testing has been fantastically well and the collaboration of school, parents, and volunteers ensured that every student made it into lessons by the end of W/B 8 March.

Our rotation followed government guidelines, so it started with exam groups (so Year 13 to Year 10), before dropping to the youngest children (who were more likely to need child care) and then working upwards (so Year 7 to Year 9).

We were going to continue with 2 more weeks of testing (W/B 15 March and W/B 22 March) but such is the efficiency of the test centre we think we will cut this by at least half a week.

This means we will see all students get there second test this week, though whilst some will get their third tests this week, others will have to wait until the start of next.

Following the third test, all children will be given home testing kits to carry on the good work with their families and these results are reported centrally as part of the NHS Track & Trace system.

Lisa Pratt, School Manager, said: “The students have been calm and sensible throughout the process and deserve a lot of credit. They have clearly been well-prepared at home and were ready to go from the off.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “As well as the school staff, the parent and community volunteers have been nothing short of remarkable. There is no doubt that our rapid return is a testimony to how those around the school are prepared to step in and help out. All of us as staff and parents owe a great deal of gratitude to our heroic volunteers.”