The following message was sent out to parents on Friday 12 March:

You’ll be relieved to know this message is not an epic – just a few things to share with you. Certainly, now that you have been allowed to get your child into school, I don’t want to be setting you too much home learning on this Friday evening.

This message with cover the following headlines:

* Phased Return
* COVID Testing
* Recovery Curriculum
* Exams Grades & Courses
* School Calendar


Phased Return

Just to say this has gone really well and our last Year 9 class has just entered the testing centre. Huge thanks to you all for bearing with us and doing the drop offs. Next week sees normal service resumed


COVID Testing

By the end of the day every child will have gone through the cycle once and I am delighted to say we have not had a single positive test result. The students have been fantastically brave and resilient and the one or two who have found it difficult have got there in the end. We are very proud of them. Equally, all of the testing volunteers have been brilliant and they are the reason we have all got our children in so swiftly.

Indeed, because the testing team are doing such a great job, we believe that we will be able to get the remaining tests done more quickly. Each child was due to have their last two tests over the next two weeks but we think we can accelerate through next week. Consequently, your child will certainly be tested next week, and many will get their final test next week too. There will be a small number that roll into W/B 22 March but there is no doubt everyone will have undisturbed lessons sooner than initially scheduled.

After their third and final test your child will be given a three-pack of tests to do at home. The box of tests will include a leaflet but this needs to be thrown out as it is now out-of-date as government advice has since changed. Instead, we will give them a separate leaflet which tells you what to do with the tests.

We would advise you do the home tests on the three nearest Wednesdays / Sundays after their last test in school. You should report these tests results to NHS Test & Trace either online via or by phone by calling 119. These details are also in the separate leaflet we give to your child with the home test pack.

You only need to notify us of the result if it is a positive test. Naturally, as these tests are entirely voluntary, we are not informed either way on usage or results.

The government has said they will review school COVID measures at Easter so we will see if they continue with COVID testing from that point. Likewise, they will look again at the extended use of face masks.

Finally, if you have not consented for your child to have a test at school then we will not give them the pack for at home. However, if you wish to have these test kits then let us know via


Recovery Curriculum

We are working on putting measures in place to cover any gaps your child has suffered over the last year. Of course, there will be academic gaps, but the reality for us is that the bigger issue is social engagement with others.

Further details will come out in a Year groups specific formats in the next couple of weeks. Even so, the work on this is already well under way.


Exams Grades & Courses

All Year 11 and Year 13 parents have already been contacted about how summer grades will be determined. We are keen to be fair, open and transparent in these arrangements and they can be seen on the school website under the Home tab.

There are horror stories in the press about “point-elbowed“ parents demanding unrealistic grades for their children – – but we are grateful we have not been put in this impossible situation by anyone.

We have no confirmation on leaving dates for Year 11 and Year 13 students but if there is no central decision soon then we will step up and put clear plans in place.

Elsewhere, OFQUAL are suggesting that Year 10 and Year 12 courses will be adjusted to take into account the time taken out of school. There are no firm details on this but we will keep you posted in the weeks and months ahead when things become clearer.


School Calendar

We strongly believe that the biggest deficit caused by lockdown is related to socialisation and relationships so we are keen to get events on the calendar in readiness for swift action if / when COVID measures are repealed.

This means we are pencilling in dates for Proms, Sports Days, Rewards Days, Summer Sizzlers and even foreign trips.

More details will be circulated soon.

Matt Allman, Headteacher. added: “Parents  are at the point when ‘normal’ school has returned and their stint of home learning has ended. They have done a superb job but I am sure they will join me in saying that we hope they never have to do it again.”