A key barometer to judge the success of a school is where their children are placed after leaving in Year 11. The key term for this is NEET – students leaving school and Not in Education, Employment or Training.

Our external School Leaver Activity Survey 2020 has just come in from Entrust and reveals the on-going improvement we have in ensuring we have as few NEETS as possible.

We are delighted to report that we have no NEETS from Sumer 2020 – building on the improving trend over recent years; Ie – 2018 = 0.6% (1 student) and 2019 = 1.0% (2 students). The figures keep us significantly better than Staffordshire and national averages.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said “There are many reasons why a child becomes NEET, and often they are nothing to do with a school’s approach, but it remains a key accountability for schools and this is a good thing as it pushes a critical focus onto securing long-term life chances. We are delighted that our 2020 cohort remain bang-on-track but like all performance data, it is only one year and a success is only a challenge to go again and match or better the year before.”