We are delighted to have first sight of the names of the students who are due to join us in September 2021 and we are already making plans for their transition despite the COVID restrictions.

The admissions process still has some stages to roll through and the key dates are:

Offer Date – 1 March 2021

Appeals Deadline – 31 March 2021

Appeals Hearings – 26-28 May 2021

We work with Staffordshire County Council’s Admissions team to run our appeals and they will run through the process on behalf of the school and the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “ We are delighted to be heavily over-subscribed once more but it is regretful that we will miss out on many fantastic children and families simply down to a lack of space. We appreciate this will be a time for celebration in some homes, and worries and concerns in others, but for us it is very much about planning for a hopefully COVID-free school year from September 2021.”