The following message comes from our Eco School Committee:

As part of our Eco Schools work we are looking to set some challenges for the remainder of lockdown.

There are some interesting views about how lockdown is changing energy consumption. Many big businesses are saying that they are actually helping the environment by encouraging their staff to work from home. This means that their offices are all but empty.  Therefore, less heating, less lights on, less computers working. Surely we are saving energy!!!

However, it doesn’t work like that. Every one of their workers not working in the office is instead working at home.  So instead of one office being lit for ten workers, for example, there are now 10 dining rooms with lights on. Instead of one office being heated (admittedly by a few heaters) there are 10 central heating systems on all day. Instead of one kettle being boiled for an 11 o’clock coffee, there are 10.

Granted there are less cars on the road, less shops and pubs being lit up and heated, less planes in the sky. But our energy consumption is increasing during a cold winter where we are all trying to keep warm, keep safe and keep happy.

So – what can be done?

Below are a few challenges that we would like you to attempt. It would be great if you could email your research or your thoughts about what you have done to the Friary’s eco school address:

Eco-Action 1: What’s a Watt ?

 It’s time to investigate your energy bills!

Either read your smart meter or take meter readings to work out how much energy is used in your house each day.  Check online whether your energy use is above or below average use in the UK and/or other countries around the world.

Eco-Action 2: Watt can you save ?

Simple changes can help you to save money on your energy bills, so now it’s time to save electricity and money!

Use the internet to research simple tips for saving energy at home and share this information with the other members of your household; Eg – wash clothes at 30 degrees (or less)!

Eco-Action 3: Watt Tariff ?

Check who your energy provider is and what energy tariff you are on to save the planet (and some money).

With a parent or guardian visit a price comparison website to work out how much your energy bill would be with a green energy supplier.  Discuss whether you could switch now or at a later date.  Research the nearest renewable energy source to your home.

For more ideas on reducing energy consumption check out the Eco-schools’ Pinterest account…

 Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We were delighted to earn our first Eco School Award last term and our student committee are keen to keep the momentum going. The message is very much that all of us have a responsibility to protect tour environment and during home learning our home energy is a great place to start.”