The following message was sent out to parents on Wednesday 3 February 2021:

We are now at the stage when we can open up our planning for mass COVID testing at our school when your child returns to us. Obviously, we are still unsure of the return date, still unsure of who will return, and still unsure as to whether it will be a full or staggered return, but we are looking to all eventualities.

Again, it is important to appreciate that precise arrangements can alter as government advice changes but your consent (or not) to the testing as a point of principle is essential at this stage.


Our Testing System

The current government arrangements direct that all children will be tested on their return to school using lateral flow tests. These are the tests where samples are taken from the nose and/or throat (see attachment). This will be done twice – with the second test coming 3-5 days after the first.

We have set up our testing site in the sports hall as it is a big clear space, has room for a waiting area, and has a wipe-able floor.

The testing steps are as follows:

  • Your child will be directed to go to the testing area at a set point in the school day.
  • Your child will register their details – which will also be taken in on the consent form.
  • Your child will test themselves – no one will manhandle them or go about testing them – but there will be distanced, trained adults on hand to tell them how to do it.
  • Your child will put their testing swab into a test tube and deliver it to the processing area.
  • Your child will return to their lessons.
  • Your child will then be notified of the result – if it is negative then they will continue to their lessons as normal; if it is positive then they will be isolated and we will ask you to pick them up so that the can isolate at home.

If you child tests positive, the latest advice is that they do not need to go for a test at one of the NHS testing centres, though you are entitled to take this step if you wish to do so.

You can view a walk-through of our testing area here:

The NHS guidance on self-testing is here.


The following link takes you to our COVID testing consent form:…….

We would ask that this consent form is completed by Monday 22 February 2021. This enables us to put plans in place and reduces the risk of us having to delay your child’s return as we chase up any families that do not respond.

The consent criteria are as follows:

  • Students aged under 16 require this form to be completed by their parent / carer.
  • Students aged 16 or over can provide their own consent – but should talk it over with their parent.

Either way, we need this consent form completed for every student.

You can choose not to consent to your child being tested but we would ask you to record this on the linked form above so we know this is the case. If you make this choice then they will not be tested and we will not have to spend time bothering you as we chase up a non-reply.

Of course, the purpose of the testing is to protect one another – and to prevent children from bringing COVID back to their family home – so we would expect consent to usually be given.

All requested details on the consent form link to the NHS details required and your details will be shared with that agency. The privacy notice related to this matter is here.


Future Testing

The current government directions say that school staff will be tested more regularly, but students are not due to be tested again after this initial check.

Naturally, we will inform you should these – or any other arrangements – change.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We will keep you updated on re-opening and related testing details as news emerges. The sooner and smoother we can get your child back into school the better.”