Our Celebration Assemblies are end of term House events designed to celebrate all key areas of school life where students have stood out as exemplary over those recent weeks.

There are a wide range of rewards which are accessible to all students, whatever their ability, history or background.

Each term there are standard awards addressing theme including Academic Progress (work against target grades) (4 per Year group – both boys and girls), Top House Points (5 per Year group – both boys and girls), 100% Attendance (any number), Zero Behaviour Points (any number), Top Combined Students (5 per Year group – both boys and girls. And Tutor Awards (2 per tutor group – one boy and one girl).

Additionally, students can achieve their Half-Colours and Full Colours and these can be attained through continued excellence in all aspects of school life, and/or contribution to the school, House or community, or commitment to excellence outside of school. The Full Colours are usually only achieved in year 11 after a sustained period of outstanding effort.

Furthermore, there are additional special awards that can emerge; for example acknowledgement of regional or nationals sporting excellence, fund-raising projects, or voluntary work in the community.

These events are also supplemented by fanfare events including Rewards Day (which sees an in-school experience – such as an inflatable day or obstacle course) for the House and students with the most House Points, Attendance Days (which sees magicians, ice-cream vans, celebration breakfasts, crazy gold or fun fairs) for exemplar attendance, as well as a range of ad hoc rewards.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are a school which sets clear parameters in terms of behaviour, but we also see the huge value of rewards and celebration for those who earn them. We are not a school that rewards everyone, and we are not afraid to draw a line and say some children miss out as life is very much like that. Even so, our rewards are accessible, incentivised for individuals, and everyone can earn them no matter when they decide to put the necessary shift in.”