The Johnson House Celebration Assembly for the Autumn Term saw multiple winners celebrated including:

Academic Progress Awards:

These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability:

Year 11                 Hugh Hutchison, Alfie Jones, Andrei Muntean, Matthew Maher, Katie Browning, Grace Williams, Izzy Collis, Rebekah Alvardo

Year 10                 Henry Glas, Tom Szamek, Blaise Parke, Jack Harris, Amelie Menaut, Jessica Horne, Freya Mackman, Libby Hayward

Year 9                    Nate Wallace, Alfie Joines, Pawel Kluk, Thomas Tovey, Eve Neenan, Lilah Boxall, Chloe Butler, Flo Darby

Year 8                    William Darby, Sebastien Menaut, Levi Harrison, Izaak Bailey, Amelia Long, Iris Muntean, Finlay Wright, Mikaela Heath

Year 7                    Luca Ivey, Oliver Bridges, Reuben Carey, Harrison Mullins, Holly Macdonald, Rose Piper, Freya Milligan, Amalie Thomas


Top Effort Awards:

These awards are for those putting in all the effort and trying so hard to improve each and every day:

Year 11                 Elliot Fox, Chris Bennett, Andrei Muntean, Alfie Jones, Jacob Mieleniewski, Sophie Hogg, Grace Williams, Katie Browning, Izzy Collis, Emily Elsdon

Year 10 Henry Glas, William Wilson, Isaac McDonnell, Louis Cope, Jayden Harrigan, Mollie-Rae Harris-Howell, Libby Hayward, Abbie Mackman, Lilly Wallis, Freya Short

Year 9                    Pawel Kluk, Alfie Joines, Nate Wallace, Thomas Tovey, Kieran Bennett, Eve Neenan, Maiya Odgen, Amy Robertson, Lilah Boxall, Harriet Mieleniewski

Year 8                    William Turnock, Jack O’Neill, William Darby, James Lunn, Warren Allen, Iris Muntean, Summer Sidaway, Isabella Lydall, Amelia Long, Lizzie Oatley

Year 7                    George Burgess, Luca Ivey, George Simcox, Oliver Bridges, Jacob Townsend, Rosie Walker, Holly Macdonald, Hannah Norton, Molly Yates, Iris Culloff


100% Attendance:

This award is for 100% attendance but this term we included those who had had a COVID isolation as this was exceptional and it seemed unfair to count down those affected by this lottery:

Year 11                 George Ballinger, Chris Bennett, Elliot Fox, Tyler Francis, Hugh Hutchison, Dylan Jackson,  Alfie Jones, Charlie Knight, Jacob Mieleniewski, Andrei Muntean, Rebekah Alvarado,  Rhiannon Archer, Katie Browning, Charlotte Hurley, Alex Kent, Abbie-Lea Marzec, Rebecca Oatley, Shanya Sarkar,  Lily Spanner, Hollie Wilson

Year 10                 James Collis, Henry Glas, Ben Lawrence, Josh Litherland, Cody Overton, Blaise Parke,   Jack Sandel, Max Sidaway,  William Wilson, Isabel Aldridge,  Cleo Allen, Amy Findlay, Jessica Horne, Ellie Jones, Abbie Mackman, Amelie Menaut, Abbie Pendlebury

Year 9                    Khalil Alashi, Fin Alderson, Kieran Bennett, Charlie Harrod, Casey Heath, Alfie Joines, Pawel Kluk,  Joe O’Hara,  Thomas Tovey, Nate Wallace, Richard Wright, Faith Breese, Chloe Butler, Flo Darby,  Milly-Mae Ford, Olivia Fox, Annabelle Hadley,  Lucie Haines, Chloe Hanson, Chloe Mabbutt, Amy Robertson, Mollie Round, Olivia Thomas

Year 8                    Warren Allen, William Gittings, Levi Harrison, Henry Jones, James Lunn, Oliver Lunn, Jack O’Neill, Luan Painter,Ernest Sawicki, William Turnock, Amy Bridge, Elina Byrne, Amelia Long, Iris Muntean, Anna Phillips, Gracie Smith, Ava Taylor, Amber Wheaver, Ruby Wright, Finlay Wright

Year 7                    Khaldoun Alashi, Alfie Barber, Oliver Bridges, Jensen Francis, Luke Hale-Phillips, Theo Hyden, Harry Owen, Stanley Puleo, Charlie Saunders, Coby Shenton, George Simcox, Ruby Cliffe, Matilda Glazebrook, Lottie Hall-Davies, Olivia Howard Calder, Phoebe Jones, Holly Macdonald, Freya Milligan, Phoebe Moore, Hannah Norton, Poppy Parker-Grant, Katie Sandel, Amalie Thomas, Rosie Walker, Ava Williams, Madeleine Williams, Molly Yates



This award is for zero Behaviour Points for the entire Autumn Term – not a forgotten pen, AWOL PE Kit, late mark or slightest bit of non-compliance: 

Year 11                 George Ballinger, Chris Bennett, Rowan Downes, Elliot Fox, Tyler Francis, Oscar Hall-Davies,Alfie Jones, Rhiannon Archer, Mae Bennett, Katie Browning, Izzy Collis, Emily Elsdon, Sophie Hogg, Charlotte Hurley, Brooke Pointon, Lily Spanner, Freya Taylor, Grace Williams

Year 10                 Joshua Barber, James Collis, Louis Cope, Henry Glas, Jayden Harrigan, Ben Lawrence, Jaime Luciano, Cody Overton, Blaise Parke, Max Sidaway, Tom Szamek, Oliver Tromans, William Wilson, Isabel Aldridge, Bethany Chamberlin, Joanna Coley, Amy Findlay, Evie Francis, Amy Greensill, Mollie-Rae Harris-Howell, Libby Hayward, Jessica Horne, Katie Lunn, Abbie Mackman, Freya Mackman, Amelie Menaut, Abbie Pendlebury, Freya Short, Niamh Spencer, Lilly Wallis

Year 9                    William Evans, Alfie Joines, Nate Wallace, Maisie Alford, Maddi Bowyer, Lilah Boxall, Chloe Butler, Flo Darby, Naomi Fisher, Olivia Fox, Annabelle Hadley, Lucie Haines, Chloe Hanson, Izzy Hobson, Bella Luckhurst, Chloe Mabbutt, Lucy Millerchip, Eve Neenan, Jessica Norton, Maiya Ogden, Abigail Pinches, Amy Robertson, Olivia Thomas

Year 8                    William Darby, William Gittings, Levi Harrison, Henry Jones, James Lunn, Oliver Lunn, Sebastien Menaut, Jack O’Neill, William Turnock, Sophie Buckley, Gracie Hilton, Sam Larsen, Amelia Long, Isabella Lydall, Iris Muntean, Isabelle Parfitt, Summer Sidaway, Georgia Szamek, Ava Taylor, Amber Wheaver, Emily White, Finlay Wright, Ruby Wright

Year 7                    Alfie Barber, Oliver Bridges, George Burgess, Oliver Gibbons, Demetri Hines, Theo Hyden, Harrison Mullins, Charlie Saunders, George Simcox, Jacob Townsend, Emma Browning, Amelia Christofi, Ruby Cliffe, Maddie Duke, Morgan Evans, Lucy Findlay, Matilda Glazebrook, Olivia Howard Calder, Lottie Hall-Davies, Luca Ivey, Phoebe Jones, Holly Macdonald, Freya Milligan, Phoebe Moore, Hannah Norton, Poppy Parker-Grant, Rose Piper, Katie Sandel, Charl Smith, Lola Sullivan, Shannon Swan, Lauren Thacker, Amalie Thomas, Aoife Wakeham, Rosie Walker, Ava Williams, Madeleine Williams, Molly Yates


Most House Points:

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Autumn Term: 

Year 11                 Mason Douglas, Elliot Fox, Dylan Jackson, George Ballinger, Emily Elsdon, Rebecca Oatley, Demi Winton, Grace Williams

Year 10                 Jayden Harrigan, William Wilson, Blaise Parke, James Collis, Evie Francis, Mollie-Rae Harris-Howell, Bethany Chamberlin, Abbie Mackman

Year 9                    Alfie Jones, Nate Wallace, Khalil Alashi, Kieran Bennett, Maddi Bowyer, Annabelle Hadley, Flo Darby, Jessica Norton

Year 8                    Levi Harrison, Henry Jones, William Turnock, William Gittings, Amy Bridge, Amelia Long, Georgia Szamek, Isabella Lydall

Year 7                    Harry Owen, Theo Hyden, Alfie Barber, Stanley Puleo, Phoebe Jones, Rosie Walker, Olivia Howard Calder, Katie Sandel


Tutor Awards:

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and house activities:

11J1                       Elliot Fox, Lily Spanner                  

11J2                       Rowan Downes, Demi Winton

10J1                       James Collis, Katie Lunn

10J2                       Max Sidaway, Jessica Horne

9J1                          Charlie Harrod, Olivia Thomas

9J2                          Alfie Joines, Izzy Hobson

8J1                          Jack O’Neill, Summer Sidaway

8J2                          William Darby, Amy Bridge

7J1                          Luca Ivey, Iris Culloff

7J2                          George Burgess, Rosie Walker



House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school:

George Ballinger (Year 11)

Henry Glas (Year 10)

Jessica Horne (Year 10)

Andrei Muntean (Year 11)

Freya Short (Year 10)


Full Colours:

Full-Colours awarded only to those who have already been awarded Half-Colours and have demonstrated continued or further dedication to excellence over an extended period of time:

Katie Browning (Year 11)

Emily Elsdon (Year 11)

Elliot Fox (Year 11)

Rebecca Oatley (Year 11)

Grace Williams (Year 11)


Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “There are a huge amount of fantastic students in Johnson House and the Celebration Assemblies are a great chance to celebrate their achievements. It would be easy to get down as this term has been a difficult and different one for all of us, but so many young people have tremendous resilience and despite the problems they have represented themselves and their families superbly.”