As a school we have been asked to support ‘Track & Trace’ through the start of the Xmas Break.

This means that if we are notified of a positive COVID result in the first week of the holiday then we will inform those children affected and advise them to isolate as per Public Health England guidance.

The key parameters for us are if a child tests positive then we have to check who they were close to for the preceding 48 hours from the earliest signs (whether that be the positive test or the first day symptoms showed).

Consequently, if your child tests COVID positive in the first week of the holiday please email us on We will check the account regularly and pick up any eventuality.

If your child tests positive, but has not been in school for the previous 48hrs before showing symptoms, then there is no need to get in touch – unless it is to say they are still isolating in the new term.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This will be the call no parent wishes to receive but we know our families will be desperate to protect loved ones over Xmas and will be ready to do the right thing. Even so, the best Xmas present I will get this year will be not having to notify anyone.”