Our school budget is having to work extra hard through COVID, and so our PTFA wanted to flag up how you can help them to raise funds for the school in the run up to Xmas.

Last year the PTFA arranged for seating in the new canteen, books in the library, ICT equipment and for the provision of the new bus shelter. There is no doubt that these sort of thing are not going to happen this school year at the moment as COVID means PTFA event are not taking place.

Even so, you can help, and in 50% of cases, by not paying out a penny yourself.

There are four options to talk you through – half of which just need you to spend 5minutes sorting out the set-up and then it is free money – and two that might give you some ideas for Xmas:


1. Amazon Smile:

Amazon Smile is just Amazon except if you access it through Amazon Smile (on Google) then you can log on and set yourself up to support ‘Lichfield Friary-Grange School Parent-Teacher Association’.

You can get there by going to: http://smile.amazon.co.uk.

If you do this every time you spend on Amazon, then they (not you), make a donation to our PTFA.

2. Easy Fund-Raising:

If you go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk you can set up an account to support ‘Support Friary School PTA – Lichfield’.

All you have to do then is when you go to shop online again – just log-on to Easy Fundraising, type in the sop you wish to go to, and then a donation will be made to the PTFA when you make a purchase.

If you do this every time you spend online, then they (not you), make a donation to our PTFA.


 3. The Friary PTFA Shop:

The Friary PTFA have been busy during the current pandemic and have set up a Friary Brand shop of items badged up by the school but for everyday life.

This includes clothing, home items and travel items – though the clothing is not part of school uniform.

You can visit the shop at: https://www.tshirtstudio.com/marketplace/friary-school-lichfield

4. The Friary School Lottery:

Our School Lottery offers a weekly prize just for our school sign-ups and also entry into a weekly national prize draw of £25,000.

You could sign up a member of your family for a year- like on a lottery or prize draw – and they can sit back and hopefully see prizes come in.

You can sign up at: https://www.friaryschool.co.uk/school-lottery/

I well appreciate that it is not east for many parents at the moment, but be assured I would not be flagging this up unless I knew it could make a real difference to what we can do for your children.

Thanks for your time.

Matt Allman