As a school we are proud to have supported the national anti-bullying campaign, and united with other schools across the Greywood Multi Academy Trust. The message from the Friary was “Stand Up, Speak Out!” as we work together to stamp out bullying.

The week has been packed with activities, with assemblies on how looking after each other makes us a hero to those we help, especially those who may feel alone online. In tutor time pupils have been buying anti-bullying wristbands, raising money for the Pathways charity. Years 7 and 8 have been flying the flag for Friary, designing pennants to represent a school coming together to look out for one another. Years 9, 10 and 11 have been examining what drives people to become a bully and the best ways to combat it. It’s been really heartening to see our school community getting behind the message of taking care of each other.

We’ve also run a competition to wear your most garish and outstanding tie on ‘Tie Day Friday’ and, continuing the theme of stamping out bullying online, sending selfies in to the school to show how we’re all different and all united, whether it’s in real life or on the internet. Thank you to those who have lent their ties to the cause, even if you didn’t actually want them back!

To top it all off, our House Leaders, Online Safety and Anti-bullying reps created videos of advice and inspiration which have been sent to our friends and partners across the MAT. We were also delighted to receive a fantastic display of odd socks, decorated with messages of positivity and friendship from Henry Chadwick Primary school, showing how we can be different in many ways but stamp out bullying and unkindness together.

Deputy Safeguarding and Online Safety Lead Steve Neale said: “We have a wonderful community of young people determined to do their best for each other. It’s been refreshing to experience so much positivity towards each other and celebrating differences, rather than criticising them. I’m really proud to have had so many conversations with our young people telling me how they helped someone and offering support to those who need a friend, especially now when we all need that extra boost.”