Welcome to our Year 8 Partnership Evening.  

Partnership Evenings are our way of keeping in touch with parents and providing an opportunity for us to share useful subject information as well as insight and guidance on a range of educational and pastoral issues.  Normally we would invite you in to meet with us in person, but as we are currently unable to do so, we are bringing the evening to you virtually.

Year 8 pupils can often feel as if they are in a ‘no man’s land’, no longer the ‘new ones’ and not quite at the stage where they are choosing subjects to study at Key Stage 4.  It is still, however, a crucial year.  It is the perfect opportunity to really get into the subject knowledge of their favourite subjects as well as develop themselves as sound independent learners.  All of this is vital in preparing them for the challenges of KS4 and beyond and some of tonight’s presentations will hopefully help you to see how we are currently supporting your child. You will also find a few tips on how you can support your child through the next few years too.

This year we are bringing you presentation videos on the following topics:

Science Subject in Focus – Click here
Head of Science, Mr Brown, talks you through the Science curriculum and gives some guidance on how to revise and learn important knowledge.

The value of home learning and creating independent learners – Click here
This presentation provides information on why we set homework and how you can help support your child at home.

Careers and Aspirations at The Friary School – Click here
This presentation gives you an overview of careers education at The Friary and tells you a little bit about the guidance and support available to your child as they approach their GCSE years.

PSHE Education- mental health and wellbeing – Click here
This presentation explains how we tackle topics such as mental health and wellbeing in school.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our Partnership Evenings are even more important to us in the current ‘Covid’ climate.  Keeping in touch with parents and carers seems to be more important than ever as we work to get pupils back on track with their learning.  Year 8 pupils have a real opportunity to make the most of these next few years before their GCSEs start and we hope these presentations will help inform parents too.”