Despite not being able to get together in school this term, we have decided to continue with our series of Partnership Evenings. They are an important part of our parent and school communication and aim to provide you with inside information on a range of topics relevant to a specific year group.

This week it’s the turn of Year 9, who are a very important year group to us this year. During Y9 pupils will not only be in their final year of Key Stage 3 but they will also begin the ‘Pathways’ options process. Throughout this year, pupils will receive a raft of information including careers advice, ‘Pathways’ guidance, subject guidance and SLT mentoring in order to help them make the best subject choices for study at Key Stage 4. Tonight’s Partnership Evening is the first step of that guidance and support.

Not only will you find information on the ‘Pathways’ you will also be able to access information on History and Geography and how these subjects progress as your child moves into KS4. Some children will no doubt be wondering which one they’d like to study at GCSE and we hope these presentations will help them to decide. We have also included information about support for SEND pupils as they move into their exam years.

Following the success of our Partnership Evenings last year, we decided we also wanted to provide information to parents on wider issues that can sometimes affect young people. As Year 9 pupils become more grown-up and independent out of school we thought it would be valuable to share some information and guidance on drugs awareness and ‘County Lines’.

Please Click the links below to view each presentation:

Y9 Partnership Evening Presentation

Geography Presentation

History Presentation

SEND Presentation

Drugs Awareness Presentation

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This is a critical year for Year 9 as they move towards their pathways decisions in March. There will be another event on that process, but these resources touch on the overall context, the choice of History and/or Geography, as well as wider issues that are relevant at this time.”