Our Year 11 Mock Exams will take place straight after half-term and we have been making sure we have our students well-prepped in readiness for these important exams.

In normal times, the mock exams are a chance to make mistakes, learn from them, and use them as prep for the real thing, but with the uncertainty caused by COVID it may well be that these mock exams carry extra weight.

Last summer, when teachers awarded grades, we based our decisions largely on the report grades that are given, so whilst the mocks were not the be-all-and-end-all, they were an important source for making the report decisions.

This means we are directing our students to give these exams their all. If they ago wrong then no-one is doomed, but if they go well then the position is much stronger and clearer.

The Year Mock Exam schedule runs as follows:


AM start 9.10

PM start 1.05pm


2nd November

English Language Component 2

2 hours

Maths Paper 1

1 hour 30 minutes


3rd November


1 hour 45 minutes –  Triple

1 hour 15 minutes  – Comb Science

183 pupils

 RE Component 2

1 hour 30 minutes

Computer Science

2 hours


4th November


1 hour 45 minutes – Triple

1 hour 15 minutes – Comb Science

183 pupils


1 hour Foundation

1 hour 15 minutes Higher

Health and Social Care

1 hour 15 mins


5th November


Component 1

2 hour 15 minute


1 hour 30 minutes


6th November


1 hour 45 minutes – Triple

1 hour 15 minutes – Comb Science

Maths Paper 2

1 hour 30 minutes


9th November

Maths Paper 3

1 hour 30 minutes


1 hour 30 minutes

All students have been given a wide range of revision materials and further times are also on Show My Homework.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We use these mocks to inform what we need to do to help our students improve – the point of them is learning more than results. However, in these difficult times, they will carry weight to any summer decisions we have to make and I would urge all Year 11s to put some time aside this half-term break to revise.”