A hate crime is a prejudice-motivated crime which occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of their membership of a certain social group or race.

Our students live in a society which is awash with social media and it is all too common to see and hear unkind messages and comments flying around without real thought about the consequences.

Our Focus Week is flagging up the issue of Hate Crime within a National Hate Crime Awareness Week and making sure our students understand what a hate crime is, why it is wrong, and what the consequences are for getting involved in such intolerance and discrimination.

The Focus Week sees special assemblies, tutor time activities, events and a poster campaign which is around the school and on social media.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “There is an all too angry world out there and as our students grow into being the young adults who can shape the future we look to develop them so that they show respect to others and act against the intolerance that can become almost commonplace. After half-term we are looking at E-Safety within National Anti-Bullying Week and this week will roll into that. We’ll then roll into Remembrance Week which reflects on the sacrifice that soldiers from across the British Empire made to defend our freedom and liberty. Ideally our student will leave our school knowing that’s simply being kind to one another is the way forward.”