Last week our Focus Week zoomed in on World Animal Day (4 October) and a very busy week saw staff bring in their pets, children wear animal masks and their pets were entered into a virtual Pets Got Talent Competition.
Assemblies were led by Mr Baker and Miss Stone, who wowed Year 7 and 8 with her own not so mini beasts – snakes, frogs, cockroaches and a praying mantis. Mr Baker ensured that he for one was socially distanced, taking his inspiration from the mantis’ prey.

During the KS4 assemblies we discussed the way that animals can lead, drive, protect, help and show the sort of resilience that the best GCSE students will show. Whether it be the horse pulling the immense weight of a narrow boat, the sheep dog constantly protecting and guiding the flock or the African Pouch Rat stepping out of its comfort zone to detect land mines, animals provide an amazing array of ways to be inspired.

Throughout the week a display was made of students’ pet selfies. We had a range of horses, dogs, cats, lizards fish and even a parrot!

Also during the week staff, students and most importantly their pets entered the Pets Got Talent competition which was won by Harry Owen’s singing dog Taz. We had over 50 entries and the competition was fierce to say the least!

Finally, on Friday we invited the students in each House with the most House Points to ‘Face Their Fears’ with The Exotic Zoo (see Students braved the horrors of tarantulas, snakes, snails and other terrifying small creepy things.

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Apparently the ‘Face Your Fears’ session for the brave at heart was tremendous. I was, however, unfortunately called away on important business regarding a lost school tie and therefore sadly was unable to join the students in the theatre with all the terrifying beasts. I am sure, though, that it was an excellent opportunity for the students to stand up and challenge themselves. Something they are all clearly doing across the school with the amount of House Points they are achieving.”