Our Year 11s have their mock exams straight after half-term and with the uncertainty over exams next summer we have advised them to give 100% in the exams.

The mock exams do not determine any predicted grade – more they are an indicator of progress and what we need to go over again in readiness for the final exams. They are though an important marker and one of a number judgements we would take into account should the final reckoning come down to Centre Assessed Grades.

Our most recent Saturday School (17 October) was based on GCSE Science and over 70 students attended to focus on key content and exam technique.

The Science exams are right up there with English and Maths and every student takes two exams in the subject, with those who picked it as an extra third option doing three. It is an important base subject for many careers and one every student should prioritise.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We have been hugely impressed by the Saturday commitment levels of our Year 11s as we have started the weekend programme earlier due to the lockdown but they have responded superbly.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “Many parents will already be aware how Friary staff go the extra mile to support our students but they have gone even earlier this year and are ready to sacrifice their own family time for their students. There is lots for everyone to do, students, teacher and parents, but if we all pull in the same direction then we can succeed next summer”.