We have a strong track record in recent years of students securing offers from either Oxford or Cambridge University – last year saw Isabella Acton (French & German) and Laila Sirag (French & Arabic) both secure places.

Underpinning the talent and aptitude of the students, we provide an extensive support programme which includes mock interview, guidance from Oxbridge staff, and thorough preparation for application forms and processes.

We are currently putting together the programme for this year where we have nine students applying and in the next few weeks they will be facing Step papers, formal interviews and tutorials to get them over the line.

This year sees applications for Law (Oxford & Cambridge), Maths (Oxford & Cambridge), Aerospace Engineering (Cambridge), and Medicine (Oxford).

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Successful Oxbridge applications are not just a matter of getting the grades – it is also about confidence and diligence against the rigour and challenge of the whole interview process and it is a tough ask. Failing to get an offer is not failure – whether a student gets accepted or not there is no doubt they can learn a lot from the whole experience and all students we have applying go onto success one way or another.”