As part of encouraging our students to shine in lessons, we stage weekly events to encourage engagement, participating and focus.

Last week saw our House Points Week which involved every tutor group competing for their House to win their Year group competition, as well as determining the overall House winner.

The tutor grouping which collected the most House Point last week were: 7J2, 8S2, 9G2. 10G1 and 11G1

The overall placings – which saw the top three Houses all score over 3,000 House Points for the week and split by only 200 points – were:

1. Garrick House
2. Johnson House
3. Seward House
4. Darwin House

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We believe it is important to have these weekly competitions and foci to maintain a momentum and focus on high standards. There were some excellent performances by both individuals and tutor groups, and Garrick House deservedly nicked victory over Johnson, but it was a very close run thing. Look out for more House battles in the weeks and months ahead.”