Naturally, in COVID times, there is a huge focus on the students facing their final exams in the summer and trying to elicit the crucial catch-up that they need to move onto their next steps.

Even so, we have retained our Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) academic enrichment students that see us target students from all ability bands for extra sessions to either stretch, support or catch-up their learning.

The sessions are scheduled through the school year and are initiation only – but they are not exclusive to children of certain abilities or behaviours and vary in type and focus. Unfortunately, our capacity means not every child can come to extra sessions but most children will be picked up along the way – whether they need to be pushed to the highest grades or over the crucial Grade 4 boundary.

Lottie Heard, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The uptake of the sessions have been fantastic, especially considering the restrictors related to COVID, and our staff enjoy working in a different way. These extra sessions for younger children are about getting them into good habits for the exam years.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We would stress that if a child is not invited it does not mean they do not matter and if they are invited it does not mean there is a problem. The sessions are an add-on, they are targeted, and parents can rest assured that if there is a problem then we will be in touch.”