As ever, we are continuing to learn to adapt to our current situation and the way in which we manage our school through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Consequently, this term will see us introduce a new way to hold Parents’ Evenings so that we can keep staff, pupils and parents safe whilst maintaining a focus on progress and learning.

We will be introducing an online booking system for parents’ evening through Parents-Booking ( This will allow parents to make appointments that are convenient to them and cut out the need for pupils to make appointments on their parent’s behalf. The appointments will then be held by video call via the Parents Booking website rather than in-person at school. If you are camera shy, there will be the option to switch off your camera and carry out the meeting as an audio call.

It is important to us to maintain parent and teacher contact and we feel this system will enable us to do this effectively and ensure we continue to work together to monitor progress and support our children.

Our first parents’ evening to use this system will be Year 13 on Thursday 15th October. Parents will be informed of how to log on and how to make appointments via letter and email prior to the opening of the booking form on Monday 5th October at 6.00pm.

Parent’s Evenings for other year groups will be held on the following dates and the guidance for parents will be sent out closer to the time:

Y9 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 19th November

Y11 Parents’ Evening –  Thursday 14th January

Y10 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 25th February

Y8 Parents’ Evening –  Thursday 4th March

Y12 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 18th March

Y7 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 20th May

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We’ve checked out a rage of option for this provision and though they’ll no doubt be the odd glitch as we get used to it, this plan should help to maintain teacher-parent contact in a time when otherwise it would not be possible.”