We were delighted to see so many of our students – eventually – get their well-deserved university places but we have become increasingly downcast as we see how the university life we prepared them for does not currently exist.

Naturally, COVID is taking a toll on everyone, but for undergraduates who are paying for a particular education and experience, it is clear they are not getting what they were offered on the tin. Obviously , the universities are having to adapt in difficult circumstances, but there are concerns about how effective they have been at handling student teaching, accommodation and social interaction. It is one thing being locked down at home, it is another being lockdown in a small room, in a strange city, without the chance to make friends, and without the chance to get out-and-about and put down roots.

One of our former Year 13 student, Noah Rhodes, achieved well this summer and we were thrilled to see him head off to the University of Glasgow. However, his experiences of university life are not what any of us would like and they have been recorded in The Times:


Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We shared seven years with Noah, and always knew he had the talent to go onto degree-level, so we were thrilled when he opted for Glasgow – a vibrant city, lots of regeneration, and a top-notch course too. It is disappointing to hear how his experience is currently shaping up – and we know he is far from alone on this. Knowing Noah, he’s resilient, he’ll knuckle down and he’ll come through, but we sincerely hope his university path takes a turn for the better sooner rather than later.”