The COVID message remains a high priority for us as we have a key role not only in enforcing measurements but also educating students as to why they are important.

Naturally, teenagers benefit from imaginative and varied approaches, so having had our fill of DfE posters and advice documents, we decided to consult with the ‘World of Rock’ to get our guidance.

This led to the production of a string of music-themed posters advising students of the COVID expectations and looking to inject a bit of fun and discussion into what has to be a sustained and consistent message.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are using the posters to generate discussion and to maintain the dialogue regarding what is expected and why it is important. We have picked musicians from across the ages so teens, parents and grandparents can get involved and, being of a certain age, I am looking forward to extolling the benefits of The Smiths to today’s teens.”

The full set of posters is available as a commemorate set – an ideal memory of these memorable times.