The flu vaccination programme is likely to go ahead in schools this Autumn and has been extended to include Year 7 children as well, not just primary school children.

Naturally, the vaccine does not protect a child against COVID, but with flu circulating at the same time it would eliminate one risk that is unpredictable and dangerous to many people each year.

The vaccine programme does not go any higher in the school although you can approach your GP about getting a shot – whether you are a student or parent – and there are private companies that will offer it including Boots, Lloyds, etc.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Historically I have not bothered with the annual vaccine but this year I will try and get it. If I have it then it will keep me in school, stop me catching it and potentially spreading it, and protect those around me at home and in school. I would urge all others to consider having the vaccine whatever their circumstances.”

You can read more about the Flu Vaccination 2020-2021 Programme here.