The Friary School have successfully secured two CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) Bids worth just over £2.7million following their conversion to academy status with the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust in September 2019.

This funding stream is available to academies which demonstrate strong governance and good financial management and relates to the improvement of school sites so that they are kept in good working order and are future-proofed.

The bids relate to large-scale improvements in roofing and a whole-school electrical re-wire and both projects will have a significant knock-on effect on the general environment and future site developments.

Pat Hunt, CEO of the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust, said: “Those who visit The Friary School will be well aware that the school works incredibly hard to maintain a high-quality environment which is comfortable to work in and supports our teaching approach. These advances in infrastructure only add to this and will have a long-term impact that will provide benefits to children and families who have not even thought about secondary schools yet.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “Our switch to academy status was about taking the school forward in lots of different ways and one was securing investment that could not have been gained without converting. We are looking to ensure this investment is used to support school and community facilities which many of us are aware need significant improvement. In such a tough climate, it is a real boost that Lichfield children and families get extra government commitment to their local educational provision.”