Our lunch arrangements have altered to accommodate our COVID systems and this means each Year group has access to our canteen at different times.

Clearly, this is so that we can maintain our Year group bubbles, but it does require every child to make sure they plan ahead what and when they will be eating.

The access to the canteen is set to one 30mins slot – either First Lunch (11.05-11.35am, or Year 7 Lunch (12.05-12.35pm), or Second Lunch (12.35-1.05pm). Naturally, we would recommend that hot food is eaten when it is purchased, but sandwiches, snacks, etc, can still be eaten in the other slot though only in the Year group’s dedicated location.

The rota for the lunch areas is as follows:

Year 7:
11.05-11.35am – Break – G-corridor area
12.05-12.35pm – Y7 Lunch – Canteen & Quad

Year 8:
11.05-11.35am – First Lunch – Old Canteen & Playground Zone
12.35-1.05pm – Second Lunch

Year 9:
11.05-11.35am – First Lunch – New Canteen & Quad
12.35-1.05pm – Second Lunch – U Corridor or Astro

Year 10:
11.05-11.35am – First Lunch – W-area or Astro
12.35-1.05pm – Second Lunch – New Canteen & Quad

Year 11:
11.05-11.35am – First Lunch – U Corridor or Astro
12.35-1.05pm – Second Lunch – Old Canteen & Playground Zone

Sixth Form:
Our Sixth Formers can enter the canteen in any window but will need to socially distance.
Their recreational areas are the Sixth Form Centre and the Library.

Each child must choose a location to go to then stick with it – they cannot wander from base to base as this will bring contact with others groups.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Our students have responded ever so well to the arrangements and we have been really impressed. This is not ideal for any of us, but if it keeps us open, helps keep us safe, and means our students can learn, then we’ll give it all we can.”