Thankfully, we managed to compete our canteen extension in six weeks and it has been a godsend with the COVID restrictions as we work to keep our students fed whilst remaining in their bubble.

The architects, builders, electricians and site staff performed miracles with their speedy work and left our site team time to polish up the area before the school opened for business.

The project was supported financially by the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust.

Equally, the PTFA has contributed with £13,000 to the seating which replicates that bought for the rest of the canteen and increases capacity by almost 100 seats.

Elsewhere, as part of some clever re-cycling, we are putting up the old quad cover as a bus shelter in the October half-term.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This has been a real team effort and for our PTFA, the Greywood MST, our contractors and our school, to have pulled this off in such a small window has been an incredible feat. We really work hard to update our site and this project had a real ‘Wow’ effect for the students when they arrived on Thursday.”