With school re-opening on Thursday 3 September, we wanted to again flag up the extras that you should kit your child up with that go beyond the usual uniform, pencil cases and school bags.

We would recommend that your child brings:

§ Their own tissues

§ Their own hand sanitiser

§ Their own face mask (for optional use – at the moment – in communal areas and for travelling to and from school).

Naturally, we have some supplies in school, but if we spend the whole day kitting out 1,200+ children then there will be no time for lessons and they are the main reason the students are coming back.

Elsewhere, students should wear their PE kit with appropriate sportswear when they have practical PE lessons.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have worked incredibly hard to prepare for the opening of school but it would be wrong to think this is all on school staff. We are relying on every child, every parent, and every family, to support us on the guidance that we have laid out and to make what will be a challenging time a safe one. Thankfully, the messages of support we have received throughout the COVID period have been fantastic and we know that we can rely on our parents to help us out.”