We have already provided information on this topic via discussions with students and parents, emails, and Results Day envelopes, but we wanted to flag up once more that there are due to be changes in these results.

This guidance applies to BTECs and OCR Nationals and comes after the results were re-assessed in light of the late changes in GCSE gradings after the government U-turn on using Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs).

The current indications are that results will stay the same or improve and indications are that we will receive changes late next week. This may mean we cannot distribute the new grades until W/B 31 August.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “It goes without saying that this is another problem, on top of a catalogue of exam-related problems, that students, families and schools are having to deal with. Even so, it does make sense that the grades looked at again and student can be assured that we will notify them of any changes as swiftly as possible.”