Year 13 students are remaining positive despite the exam furore and so many have secured fantastic university places on the back of their efforts at our school over the last seven years.

Just a small sample of the university places shows the students are heading across the country:

Isabella Acton – University of Oxford – French & German

Oliver Barnard – Nottingham Trent University – Broadcast Journalism

Jasmine Brookes – University of Birmingham – Psychology

Isabelle Butler – University of Birmingham – Social Policy and Sociology

Amanda Cooper – University of Birmingham – Biomedical Science

Abigail Costiff – University of Birmingham – Law

Katie Edwards – University of Birmingham – Music

Holly Fry – University of Warwick – Global Sustainable Development

Katie Hayward – University of Nottingham – Mathematics

Isabella Lopes – University of Exeter – English (including study abroad)

Abi Lowther – University of Nottingham – Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics

Scarlett Mills – University of Sheffield – Politics & Sociology

Dillon Morehead – University of Northampton – Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning

Laila Sirag – University of Oxford – French & Arabic

Shona Slowley – University of Derby – Zoology

Nathan Spencer – University of Manchester – Medicine

Lewis Stanley – University of Leeds – History

Jack Wigley – University of Loughborough – Aeronautical Engineering

Harry Witton – Staffordshire University – Animation

James Yates – University of Liverpool – Geography & Planning

Elsewhere, other students are heading off towards some fantastic apprenticeships despite the tough climate including:

Jake Minton – Bionical (pharmaceutical company) in account management.

Greg Prentice – National Youth Film Academy Apprenticeship in Drama

Others have interviews lined up – but have suffered due to COIVD-related delays – including Matt Hewitt & Connor Lewis with West Midlands Police and

Olivia David as a RAF Logistics Officer.

On top of these there are others who have already gained employment, specialist college placements, and others have planned gap years to look forward to.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We put careful support into helping all students secure a planned placement and we are delighted with the outcomes. We will look to give a more up-to-date list in the new term as some exceptional students are currently dealing with exam result shenanigans but there are certainly more medics and the like out there who are just awaiting confirmation.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “When you check the placements, and remember the journeys each of students have been on, it makes us incredibly proud that we helped them along the way. There are amazing success stores from Aeronautical Engineering to Zoology and each of them make me smile.”