The local SPACE scheme will be running over the next two weeks for 11-17 year olds and all sessions will be free of charge.

The follow activities are running:

* Week 1- 3-7 August
* Week 2- 10-14 August

There will be more sessions provided through the summer holidays and details will be released next week.

Clearly, in the current COVID climate, there are specific expectations in terms of booking:

* ALL participants who wish to attend sessions MUST book prior to the session taking place via Eventbrite. If you are unable to book via Eventbrite please call 01543 308835 for further advise and support.
* ALL participants MUST complete the online SPACE declaration form and present their SPACE Pass when attending any sessions.
* ALL participants MUST complete the online Getin2it Participant Consent form which includes medical consent before attending sessions. This will be emailed to you once sessions have been booked online.
* There will be limited number of places on sessions to ensure social distancing is adhered to throughout.
* If you are unable to make a session please inform us via calling the team on 01543 308835.

Please Note – You only need to complete 1 form for the SPACE Declaration and Getin2it Participant consent per person. This allows you to then book onto numerous sessions throughout the summer and even on into October.

All of the sessions which have been release can also be found and booked on our website via this link:
They can also be viewed on the Getin2it’s Facebook page at:

Due to government guidelines and restrictions the following measures have been put into place in our sessions:

* Please ensure you attend sessions wearing suitable clothing and footwear.
* Social distancing will take place throughout the session so please listen to the coaches instructions at all times.
* Equipment will be limited within sessions and where used strict cleaning / hygiene measures are in place before and after use.
* Please bring your own hand sanitiser.
* Hand Sanitise at all times before and after using equipment. There will be regular intervals throughout the sessions to ensure this takes place.
* Bring your own drink!
* Bring your own towel if you want to!
* Track and Trace system in place via booking and sessions and attendance are monitored via a tracking database for funding, health and safety and covid-19 requirements.
* Consent forms including medical consent MUST be completed before you attend sessions.
* DO NOT attend if you have any COVID-19 symptoms of a dry cough, fever (high temperature), difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell. You should ensure to inform us if you have developed any of these symptoms 7 days after you have attended a session.

All of the above can be found on their website –

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “With many families losing their summer getaways, there is an increased likelihood that children will get restless through the long summer break. The Space scheme is well-established, well-run and is definitely worth looking into.”