Amidst the current uncertainties with jobs facing many families, we wanted to flag up the range of support services provided by Staffordshire County Council to help parents help their children to have a quality education and life at school.

There are benefits and grants can help with transport and school meals. They can also help children through upsets or settling into a new school, as well as those having difficulty with regular attendance.


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Free School Meals

Free meals are provided for children with parents in receipt of certain benefits or child tax credits to a certain income level. Facilities are also available for children to eat food brought from home, although they are encouraged to have a school dinner.

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16 – 19 Bursary

Schools, colleges and training providers have bursary funds to help students studying or starting a course and face financial hardship.

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Student Financial Support

There are mandatory or discretionary grants available for Higher and Further Education.

Families First

Education Welfare is delivered as part of Families First’s Targeted Services. In each District there are a number of Locality Support Teams. You can find the local support contact details our local support team page at

Each team works directly with Staffordshire schools. They make sure that children and young people have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and staff are trained to support with issues including attendance, home-school relationships, family-based issues, and the part-time employment of children.

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Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We would encourage all parents to access the benefits and support that they are entitled to. There is no doubt that support with transport, healthy eating, financial hardship and personal / family issues can make a massive different to a child meeting success or failure at school.”