The summer holidays are seeing the usual blitz of the school site into terms of improvements, expansions, refurbishments and redecorations and the current projects are as on track as they possible can be.

The school canteen extension – funded by the Greywood MST and our PTFA – will have the walls completed this week and the roof by early next. The only issues on the horizon are the shortages in materials due to the COVID pandemic which means items like plaster are hard to come by. There is a chance the extension won’t be 100% finished by the start of term but we are used to moving mountains in our summer window and it will be usable space for the first day.

Elsewhere this summer, the Music rooms have been refurbished, the Food room is getting a face-lift, the super-size Maths room just needs the chairs putting in, the astroturf has been re-lined and is open for business, and we are due to start on a new outdoor seating area soon.

Wendy Bennett, School Business Manager, said: “We are working late and through the weekends to get all of the work done and as usual we’ve sought to do as much as we possibly can. A school site is very much one where there is always work to do but we have a fantastic team in school, and contractors who we have worked with before and who appreciate what we are seeking to achieve,”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “Parents and students will already know how committed we are to making the most of the school environment and setting the tone for the best lessons, learning and expectations. These latest projects add to what we do and help support the measures we are having to take at the present time so we are balancing our priorities out.”