Welcome to a slightly different Y6 Transition Evening !

Under normal circumstances we would be looking forward to greeting you all following a successful few days of transition activities. This year things have had to be done differently but we still want to share as much information with you as possible before the end of the academic year. Despite everything, we have had many conversations with primary schools and hope that through the ‘Transition Times’ newsletter, the planned visits and opportunity to talk with key staff that we are all as ready as we can be for a new start in September.

Additionally, Friary staff have produced a series of videos that will give you information about our school and transition to The Friary.

Please click the links below to watch the videos.

Y6 Transition 2020 Welcome Message – Headteacher, Matt Allman

Y6 Transition 2020 First Day Arrangements – Assistant Headteacher, Lottie Hearn

We have also provided you with a presentation from your Head of House. You only need to watch the video for your House:

Darwin House Transition Presentation 2020 -Head of House, Mr A Britton

Garrick House Transition Presentation 2020 -Head of House, Mr S Cartner

Johnson House Transition Presentation 2020 -Head of House, Ms V Plested

Seward House Transition Presentation 2020 – Head of House, Mr R Havill

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Although Year 6s have missed the full-day experience of transition, we have worked hard to give a different but still valuable transition programme. We hope that the information provided will cover all you need but if you have any further queries please contact office@friaryschool.co.uk and we will always get back to you.”