All Y11 and Y13 grades for our school have now gone in to the Exam Boards and so all we can do is wait for the Results Days:

Year 13 Results Day – Thursday 13 August
Year 11 Results Day – Thursday 20 August

We have yet to decide how we will run these days considering the social distancing measures which will likely still be in place to some extent. We will ensure more details come out before the end of term.

The grades we have sent in are based on a range of sources – not just mock exams – and we have been scrupulous in following the guidance we have been given by OFQUAL. OFQUAL are the government department who regulate qualifications, exams and tests in England.

OFQUAL have contacted us and made the following points:

“These (are) unprecedented circumstances, your staff have not had national training to support them in making standardised judgements.”
“To bring consistency to judgements, all grades will be standardised by exam boards, using a process developed by Ofqual.”
“It is highly likely that all centres will see some adjustment, in at least one subject, to their centre assessment grades.”
“Such adjustments are in the interests of fairness to students because they will ensure, as far as possible, that individual centres have not been too severe or too generous in comparison with others.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have put a great deal of time and effort into getting this right but it is clear that the grades our students get will be determined by the Exam Boards and OFQUAL. We have to have faith in their system and as staff we will be on tenterhooks for this Summer’s exam results in the same way we are every year.”