The following message from Lottie Hearn (Assistant Headteacher) has been sent out to all Y11 parents whose child is due to attend the School Prom:

“I am writing to update you on where we are with this year’s Year 11 Prom. I can still hardly believe that we will not be experiencing the glitz and glamour of Year 11 arriving at Branston Golf Club to give their final school year the send off it deserves. We were all booked up for the 1st July not having any idea that we would be where we are now.

We still want to make sure that Year 11 get to celebrate together and if we can make the Prom happen, we will. I have spoken with the venue and they have confirmed that we can re-book for the Autumn if restrictions on large gatherings are lifted. Unfortunately, they have no inside information on when this is likely to be but as soon as we know that we can legally run the event we will. We remain hopeful that we can do this during the first half term of the new academic year. However, if by October half-term we are no further forward, then we may have to look to cancel.

All ticket money for the Prom is being held by the school in readiness for the booking to go ahead in the Autumn but if this proves impossible then we will issue a refund via your Parent Pay Account so keep your details.

As I mentioned, we are not at the point of considering cancelling the Prom yet, and this year it feels more important than ever that this year group get the opportunity to see the year out properly.”

Luke Baker, Assistant Headteacher, added: “Our Year 11s deserve a chance to celebrate all their hard work and this is why we are not giving up on the Prom or them. If the event does not happen then it will not be through lack of effort.”