The Open University has joined forces with MoneySavingExpert (MSE) to produce this new free course to give you the skills and knowledge to master your finances. The course was written by The OU, with MSE providing support and guidance.

You can access the course here.

The programme is packed with videos, audios, quizzes and activities, the course covers all the key aspects of personal finance in six sessions of study that each take around two hours to complete.

The course starts by looking at how to be savvy when spending money and at the behavioural and marketing pressures that try to influence what consumers buy.

It then looks at budgeting and the impact of tax on household finances.

Borrowing money is something virtually all households are familiar with but it can cause financial problems. The course explains how to borrow money sensibly if necessary, whether it’s a loan to buy a car or a mortgage to buy your home.

Do you want to save or invest money? The course looks at simple savings accounts but also investments such as shares, commodities or property. It explains what is involved and the risks you expose yourself to as you look for a higher return on your money.

The course finishes by getting to grips with the complexities of pensions. It will help you to think about your options when retiring, such as how much your state pension will amount to, supplementing this with an occupational or personal pension, and what you can do if your pension provision falls short of what you need.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are looking at all options for online courses and this looks a great one. Once we get over the shutdown then there will be big advances in all educational settings in online learning. Crisis often propels progress – though we appreciate this benefit is only small consolation for the wider difficulties now and ahead of us.”