We are very proud to hold the E-Safety Mark, which reflects the high-quality work we put in to supporting our students with their safety online, but we recognise that home learning has brought an extra level of risk as so much of every child’s learning has gone virtual.

Consequently, in order to support parents with keeping apace of the rapidly changing online world, we are producing a termly E-Safety newsletter to provide updates, guidance and support for every Friary family.

E-Safety Newsletter – April 2020

This edition covers many of the online platforms that have become far more familiar to everyone in recent weeks so you can find out more about Microsoft Stream, Facetime, Zoom, Skype and House Party.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The magazine is pulled together by Steve Neale, one of our Safeguarding Leads and the co-ordinator of our E-Safety Mark accreditation so there is a lot of expertise there. We learnt from our Partnership Evenings that parents are keen to keep abreast of things so this newsletter is very much part of an on-going dialogue and we are hoping the regular publications will give parents the chance to keep only a step behind their children.”

To learn more about E-Safety at our school visit: https://www.friaryschool.co.uk/e-safety/