Noah Rhodes (Year 9) won the Lichfield Round of the Rotary Club’s Photography Competition with his photograph to the theme of ‘Through My Eyes’.

The competition aims to encourage young people to:

 experiment with photography
 use digital and/or traditional methods of photography
 demonstrate interpretation of the topic
 express ideas through the medium of photography

There are three rounds to the competition local, district and national.

Pupils entered three images with a written statement to explain their response to the theme.

The Prize was a cheque of £50 from Lichfield Rotary –

Natalie Brickett, Art teacher and Rotary Link, said: “Many students entered this year and presented images of family pets, family and places travelled. The competition runs every year and it is great to see Friary students enter and then go on to win.”

Entries next year will be in for the end of January, see Mrs Brickett for the next theme to enter that is advertised around school in the Autumn Term.