The government have outlined that our school should look to maintain a skeleton provision after the school shutdown on Friday 20 March. This is effectively for families where the lone parent, or both parents, are key workers, or where a child is classified as ‘vulnerable’.

The government’s key principles to take forward are that:

  •  if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be – this provision is for a limited number.
  •  it is only for those children that cannot be kept safe at home.

NB – if Mum is a nurse, and Dad is a solicitor working at home, then we will not allow the child to be sent in because they are disrupting Dad’s working at home.

  •  this provision is day care, it is not school-like education.
  •  this provision – though vital – is contrary to social distancing guidance and should not be taken lightly – both children and staff need to be kept safe and we need to reduce risk.

NB – weddings are now legally not allowed to involve more than 5 people, but with 10% of our children in then it will be over 150 people working closely together.

  •  this provision is because the government has asked us to be available. We are absolutely ready to do our bit and will continue to do so unless we are “experiencing severe staff shortages”.

Our expectation is that all children in Year 10 upwards, and in most cases in Year 9, should be able to cope at home and should not attend school, even if they are alone for a period of time.

What is a Key Worker ?

You are a key worker if you work in a critical sector. If you cannot keep your child safe at home then your children will be prioritised.

Your work is a “specific role (and) is necessary for the continuation of (an) essential public service.”

The reality is that if everyone takes up this offer then it will be unsafe, and we as a school will be forced to take some difficult decisions. We will make these decisions and the call will have to be ours.

Who Else is Supported ?

We have already contacted ‘vulnerable’ children and are following statutory guidance to protect their welfare. These children only include:

  •  those with a social worker
  •  those with an EHCP

How Will the Provision Operate ?

Our skeleton provision is due to run as follows:

1. All parents must register for their child to attend by completing the questionnaire below.
2. Our provision will run from 8.30am to 3.15pm – and the school site will shut from 3.30pm.
3. Children must sign in at main reception.
4. Children need not wear their school uniform.
5. All children will need to bring a packed lunch.
6. Children will be supervised at all times.
7. The sessions will largely be based around the school library, C1 and C2 as the site will be largely closed.
8. Normal school rules will apply – including the use of mobile phones

The provision will not operate as a normal school day and will be mixed-age. Children will undertake online activities like their peers at home, as well as some variety of different sessions depending on the staff in school.

Naturally, any child showing symptoms of the coronavirus, will be isolated and parents will be contacted.

How Do I Access the Scheme ?

Only those children whose parent (if a single parent) or parents (if both) fit the ‘Key Workers’ criteria will be allowed to attend our provision.

Please complete the following online questionnaire so we can decide if you qualify for this provision by 1.00pm on Saturday 21 March:

Any Questions ?

If you have any further questions, please contact or 01543 267 400.