You can work at home by following these instructions:

Basic Log-In Information:

You can access most work by knowing your school email address and school password.
Your email address is your school username followed by; Eg –
You password is the one you use at school.

Office 365:

You use Office 365 all of the time – it includes things like Word, PowerPoint, etc – and you can access them all by going onto the school website.

 Go to
 Click on the Students Tab
 Click on Student Email
 Type in your school username followed by
 Type in your password (the one you use at school)

Show My Homework:

You have been using Show My Homework for a good while now so you know what to do.

You can get onto Show My Homework by:
 Going to
 Going to and clicking on the link at the bottom
 Going to Google to search for ‘Show My Homework’ and clicking on the top link.

You can get to the work set by your teachers simply by searching for the school’s name.

You can also log-on. You username is your school email address and your password is the same as the one you use at school.

You teachers will be setting regular work and you should complete this work and store it at home unless your teachers direct you otherwise.

Maths Work:

You have two online Maths resources available for you:


 Go to:
 Your username is your first initial, surname and then @friary; Eg – JSmith@friary
 Your password is ‘friary’

Dr Frost:

 Go to:
 Your username is your school email address
 Your password is ‘friary’

NB – If you password does not work it is because you have changed it.

The following free Maths websites do not need a log-on and are recommended:

If you wish to by a Study Guide for Maths we recommend the following:

French Work:

You can access Kerboodle to work on your French:

 Go to:
 Your username is you first initial and surname; Eg – jsmith
 Your password is the same; Eg – jsmith
 You Institution Code is ‘sg1’
 Click on ‘Continue to Log-In’
 Click on the ‘Allez’ digital text-book
 Choose the one you use in school; Ie – Allez 1, Allez 2 or GCSE

Reading Lists:

The following reading lists are recommend for Year 7-9 students:

Year 7 –
Year 8 –
Year 9 –

Other Resources:

These are a multitude of online resources available – both on content and for revision. The following web page offers some links:

If you wish to buy any revision guides / workbooks then we would recommend the CGP ones which can be viewed at: For home learning it is best to use both revision guides and workbooks together.

Year 11 Students:

We have already emailed out and posted guidance on this topic. Those students coming back into our Sixth Form should focus on the additional prep work for those courses. This will be sent out over the next 2-3 weeks

Year 9 Students:

All students should ensure their Pathways Forms are returned. Students will get confirmation of their Year 10 courses ASAP. At that point students should focus on work set in the subjects they are taking forward in Year 10.

Any Problems:

If you have any problems in accessing any of the work please contact or call 01543 267 400.