Unfortunately, due to the developing situation and changing advice in relation to the coronavirus, we have made the sad decision to cancel our ‘Encore’ shows this week.

This is deeply regretful as it is a special event in the Sheriff of Lichfield’s fund-raising calendar, and we are grateful to Lichfield District Council for their support and understanding in reaching this decision.

The shows are well-attended, and popular with parents and grandparents, and hence we were concerned that an extra-curricular activity would bring larger groups (300+) of people from across the country into our theatre.

Richard Hughes, Head of Drama, said: “We are very disappointed for the children who have worked so hard for their performances. Depending on where we are in July with the coronavirus, we are planning to put up another stage at the Summer Sizzler (Thursday 9 July) where any acts which wish to perform can do so there.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “These are incredible times and even a week ago we would not have envisaged cancelling the shows. We take rapidly changing advice from a range of external agencies and fully recognise our moral and professional duty to do the right thing for our students, families and wider community, even when it is a tough and difficult call.”