As part of our recent Focus Week on Careers and Volunteering, we have been celebrating the experiences of so many of our students who fill their time through volunteering.

One such student has been Penny Hurst (Y12) who has been carrying out voluntary work experience with The Birmingham Mail and the BirminghamLive website.

Penny recounted her experiences with:

“Carrying out work experience at Birmingham Mail newspaper and BirminghamLive website has been such a great experience so far. A first hand perspective on the process to publication of local news has been fascinating, to see how stories are developed and published as well as being able to write articles myself has given me a great level of understanding of the press industry and this could not have been achieved without my experience at Birmingham Mail . The high level of skills and knowledge for this industry being shown first-hand has been inspiring for me. I have learned about how they use social media, create video, how a news editor runs the news list and what ‘trending’ content is.

Penny has even had articles published:

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Penny’s work experience has not just been that of a passive observer, but someone who has played an important and meaningful role in communicating news across the city. We are incredibly proud of her work and it is exciting to think where this experience will take her in the years ahead.”