The PTFA Quiz Night was well attended and saw a mix of parents, friends of the school and teachers, battle out to be champion.

Recent winners the formidable Fradley Bears and the less formidable Headteacher’s Team were prepared to do battle but both were out-scored by Spaced Out who won by a convincing 4 point margin.

The evening was staged as part of the PTFA’s commitment to extend the school dining facilities, as well as to support schemes related to reading and library provision.

The quiz included a half-way break for a fish’n chips supper – from brilliant The Fradley Fryer – and a chance to re-filll glasses.

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Huge thanks to the PTFA for arranging this fantastic event and for everyone who took part. A school is only as strong as the community around it and the support given by everyone who attended only helps with the provision for our students.”