We have received maybe half-a-dozen contacts from parents expressing concerns relating to the coronavirus over the last week.

We are following all guidance sent out by the government agencies and have excellent contacts with the local NHS teams.

Looking forward, we have the Andorra skiing trip due to travel in the Easter holidays and that trip will go ahead unless the government advice is that travel is not appropriate.

We would also advise all parents travelling overseas as a family during the Easter to keep abreast of the news, to check the ‘Foreign Office Advice on Travel to…’ pages online, and to exercise due precautions and controls during and after travel.

We will be circulating a coronavirus resource to all tutors to be used during tutor time and would encourage all parents to talk to their children should they have any concerns.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We take great care to keep our students safe, and up-to-date with the risks in today’s world, and coronavirus is one such example. Our approach to this situation is entirely directed by governmental and NHS advice.”

If you would like to check out the latest government advice on coronavirus, then visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public