There was almost a full house on Saturday morning as Health & Social Care students put in their final preparations for their Component 3 Health & Well-Being Exam which is takes place on Friday.

The group focused on key elements of past papers and was very much a final push on the preparation that has been going on in lessons.

Ms Fallows, Head of Health & Social Care, said: “What an amazing turnout ! 50/63 students volunteering to attend a Saturday School is fantastic and shows the hard work has paid off. We already knew these individuals want to succeed but it remains very impressive that they are so committed to last-minute revision. It was very much a highlight of my teaching career to have so many students inspired to take time out of their own schedule to study on a Saturday and be so keen to do well’.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We are incredibly proud of the success of our Health & Social Care Department; not last because data shows it is a sector where there is current and future high demand for workers. We really believe we are very much setting our children up for the jobs of the future – and as a local man in my late 40s I suspect some of our students will be caring for me in years to come!”