One of the key measurements for any school is their NEET statistics.

The term ‘NEET’ refers to Not in Employment, Education or Training’ school is judged by how many students leave Year 11 without a positive next step in their education / career route.

The school has regularly been better than Staffordshire and national averages but the 2019 figures were extremely impressive as 100% of the departing students remain in their placements. The large majority continued their education (95%) and the reminder were in workplace placements (5%).

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Parents will be aware we have a comprehensive careers and aspirations programme and work very hard to ensure our students take positive steps forward. We are delighted with the 100% but, as with our approach elsewhere, we simply go again with the current cohort.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The NEET figures are testimony to the care of ensuring appropriate curriculum for each student and the dedication in supporting them in their courses. The students see they achieve well and hence move forward with enthusiasm and confidence. It is this surety that we seek for every Friary student.”